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Here is a truth no one may have ever told you: garage floors do not have to be ugly. Despite what you might have grown up with in your home, you actually can have stunning garage floors. The benefits of garage floor epoxy color flake additions are plentiful.

Do you enjoy working in your garage or run a business from that space? If so, you deserve a high-quality, durable floor that looks great. When you add color flakes to your epoxy installation, you will have a showroom for your very own.
The team at Coral Springs Epoxy Pros offers the best epoxy floor installations in Florida. If you’re ready to take your garage floor to the next level, reach out today. Our crew provides a fast and excellent service that fits your budget.

What Is Epoxy Color Flake?

Epoxy floors are a long-lasting and attractive option for many spaces. Homes and businesses all benefit from this beautiful upgrade. From patios to garages to sheds, these resin applications completely change the look of a room.

Epoxy consists of a resin mixed with a hardening agent. They chemically bond to create a strong and stain-resistant surface. Epoxy floors are ideal in garages and basements and outdoor patios. But technicians can install them just about anywhere.

And to take your epoxy installation up a notch, consider the addition of color flakes. Technicians blend vinyl chips into the epoxy before applying the product to the floor. The result is a one-of-a-kind surface that you will love to see day after day. 

What Are the Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Color Flake?

Whether you spend a lot of time in your garage or not, epoxy floors are for you. Homeowners love the clean, updated look and feel of a new epoxy color flake application. Here are the top reasons people choose epoxy installations.

Garage floor epoxy benefits

Durability and Strength

If you have a floor that takes a beating time and again, epoxy is the solution you’ve been seeking. Once the resin and hardening agent combine, they create an impressively strong substance. With proper application and maintenance, a floor with epoxy color flake will last for years.

For patios, workshops, garages, and basements, an epoxy color flake floor is a perfect choice.

Are you tired of dings and chips on your floor due to dropped tools or carelessly-thrown sports equipment? Epoxy coverings can handle a significant amount of wear and tear and still look amazing.


As shiny and glossy as epoxy color flake floors can look, they are actually non-slip surfaces. A safe floor is critical in any space. But it is especially crucial in areas that house tools and other potentially dangerous items. 

When you decide to install a garage floor epoxy color flakes, you choose safety. Whether the room will have children, pets, employees, or just yourself, make sure the floor is safe.


Concrete floors have a terrible reputation as the ugliest option available. But with epoxy color flake solutions, even concrete can look like the belle of the ball. 

The color mixtures and choices are seemingly endless for your epoxy flooring. So you can choose a palette to match your brand, your home, or your favorite team.

When finished, garage floor epoxy color flake applications mimic the look of granite. The randomized mixture of the vinyl chips in the epoxy ensures your floor will be unique. You can even include metallics for an added touch.

Having concrete floors is practical in many areas of a home or business. But luckily, you are not stuck with drab gray surfaces. Epoxy color flakes will give your concrete an incredible facelift.


Many flooring options come with an astronomical price tag. Garage floor epoxy color flake applications, however, are an economical alternative. When you want to upgrade your concrete floors on a budget, choose epoxy. You will end up with a high-end floor that looks incredible without breaking the bank.


Oil, paint, cleaning products, and dirty boots can all take a toll on a floor. Trying to remove stains from a garage floor is time-consuming and frustrating. And many times, it is futile. 

With epoxy color flake flooring, however, you can enjoy a floor that practically cleans itself. Spills are simple to take care of when you have an epoxy resin floor.


Epoxy flooring is one of the simplest surfaces to clean and maintain. It is a solid, non-porous surface, so it is effortless to care for on a daily basis. 

Most of the time, a thorough sweeping or dust mopping is all the floor needs. Alternatively, you could vacuum up dust and debris with a shop vac. Without cracks and holes for dirt to accumulate in, epoxy installations remain very clean.

Benefits of garage floor epoxy

Occasionally, you will want to freshen up the floor with hot water and a wet mop. For some extra cleaning power, you might want to add a little bit of ammonia to the water. But check with the manufacturer before using ammonia or any other cleaning agents. 

Some people prefer to simply hose down the floor and use a squeegee to dry it. This method can be a quick and effective way to spruce up your epoxy installation.


A long lifespan is one of the best benefits of garage floor epoxy color flake applications. The last thing a home or business owner wants to do is replace their flooring every couple of years. That situation takes too much time and money, eating away at your bottom line.

Instead, people recognize the value of epoxy floors. With one affordable installation, you can enjoy your beautiful floors for ten years or more. This long life is vital in areas that have a lot of traffic or have high-impact activities going on there. And when your epoxy floor does finally start to show its age, you can get a beautiful refresh with a new topcoat. 

How Do You Install an Epoxy Floor?

Before technicians can install a garage floor with epoxy color flake, they must assess and prepare the concrete. They may need to grind out stains, fill in cracks, or address areas of excessive moisture. 

Epoxy flooring products will not work on floors that release significant amounts of moisture. If there is a problem, you may need to have an expert come in to fix the problem before you can proceed with the epoxy option.

If a concrete slab is brand new, you must wait at least 28 days before installing an epoxy color flake floor. Many professionals suggest waiting two months to ensure a high-quality application. New concrete releases a lot of moisture in the first few months, so epoxy must wait.

Once the concrete is clean, dry, and free of debris, the installers can begin applying the epoxy. Once they mix the resin and hardening agent, technicians must work quickly. They have a limited window for application before the mixture is no longer usable. This time-sensitive nature is the reason it’s best to hire experts for your epoxy flooring project.

Epoxy floor specialists generally apply three coats of the color flake mixture to ensure durability. They work with speed and care to give you a beautiful finished product.

Are You Ready for Your New Floors?

Clearly, there are many benefits of garage floor epoxy color flake options. You will end up with a durable, beautiful, long-lasting floor that will serve you well.

If you are ready to enjoy an amazing epoxy floor in your home or business, contact the experts at Coral Spring Epoxy Pros

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